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A REM – International Engineering Journal (old Rem: Revista Escola de Minas) is one of the first technical (mining and metallurgy) magazines in South America. It was founded in January 1936, and has specialized in the publication of articles concerning the Civil, Geological, Metallurgical and Materials, Mechanic and Energy and Mining Engineerings.

The abbreviated title Rem: Int. Eng. J. should be used in bibliographies, footnotes and bibliographical references and strips.


Intellectual Property

  • Authors will be asked to transfer copyright of the article to the Publisher (or grant the Publisher exclusive publication and dissemination rights). This will ensure the widest possible protection and dissemination of information under copyright laws.
  • Open Choice articles do not require transfer of copyright as the copyright remains with the author. In opting for open access, the author(s) agree to publish the article under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

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